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Aware & United for Real Change

Who we are.

1. Believe in Justice / DESTINY / Divine Protection.
2. Research Oriented / Truth Seeking / FACTS.
3. Resourceful / wise / positive / strong / humble.
4. OPEN MINDED/ Righteous / sensible / fair / loving.
5. Solution Based Thinking / Organized / Practical.
6. Advocate of Free Speech / Critical Thinking / LAW.
7. aim for freedom / sovereignty / world peace.
8. Aim for meaningful changes / ACTION / victory.

Who we are not.

1. Trolls / Gatekeepers / Provocateurs.
2. Fear Mongers / Crisis Actors / False Hope.
3. Government Agency / Corporation / NGO / MSM / UN.
4. Seeking War / World Domination.
6. Funded by Anyone Other Than the Public.
7. Member of Any Secret Organization.
8. Affiliated with Corrupt IndividuaLS.

#wearethepeople #awareandunited

Real people for real change.

If you're like one of us, who just about had it with all the lies, nonsense, distortions, misdirections, hoaxes, loss of freedoms, abuse and neglect, all done in your name with your money and dignity, disrupting your life and your family, we welcome you to join us.

We believe that together we can find better ways to sort through this, and together we will stand strong and unbeatable.

Our intentions are genuine and legal.
Our aim is truth, peace, and justice.
Our delivery is our voice and action.
Our strength is our personal power.

The level of struggle the world faces today is unprecedented, and there is no better time than now when your courage and will to survive is more needed and should be called upon.

We may not have all the answers, nor the weapons, nor some great funding; we may not have much have at all. But we do have the truth, the will, the heart, and our uncrackable spirits, on our side.


Our campaign wants to bring people like you together, which needs to happen. If you believe in our message and have hope for real change, join us. Fill out this form so we can keep connected with you, and please feel free to write. We respond to all correspondence.

If you like our message and wish to participate, you can start by downloading and sharing everywhere your country flag with the words 'we are the people' on it. This is a first small step (of several) in making a stand together and telling our existing leaders worldwide that WE ARE THE PEOPLE and that our voice will NOT be ignored.

Let us keep united and strong, gather our thoughts and forbearance, and together bring about meaningful action. The world is listening this time, and our conviction for of a better world is unwavering.

If not us, who?
If not now, when?

Our hashtags are:



Join us.

Join our campaign and let us do something together. You can write us anything you like or even upload files with photos, documents, video and so on. If you have any question or wish to know more please let us know. We respond to all correspondence.

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